Fashion as art, Indian idiosyncrasies, Asian labels under threat, Dior’s confused couture, Annabel Luton

Madame Grès at Musée Bourdelle | Source: Styleclicker

Gone Global: Fashion as Art? (IHT)
“At any given moment there are at least a dozen museums across the world offering major fashion displays — not to mention exhibits in galleries or even department stores… Fashion exhibitions are thus the height of fashion — and omnipresent.”

India’s Not Quite On The Brandwagon (Forbes)
“The Indian luxury sector represents a dormant volcano for the international marketer who can customise a response that is uniquely Indian. The Indian luxury consumer is evolving rapidly, but…that is inherently different from those in other developing economies.”

Invasion of global labels threatens Asian brands (Gulf News)
Asian shoppers still aspire for luxury brands, many are embracing speciality stores with higher inventory turnover and better value, especially as a new middle class emerges with more disposable income and fickle fashion tastes.”

Days of Strangeness at Dior (On the Runway)
“Things must be very strange these days at the House of Dior, judging by the haute couture show we saw… All sorts of weird vibes, along with a lack of design leadership, have a way of surfacing in clothes. A runway is like a shrink’s couch; stuff just comes out.”

Rise: Annabel Luton (Dazed Digital)
“Inspired by Mata Hari, the mysterious vixen rumoured to be a spy in the 1900s, Annabel Luton’s graduate collection at Central St Martins’… presents sumptuous hand-printed fabrics paired with kimono style sleeves and de-constructed cropped jackets.”