Making China tick, Alaïa’s original spirit, Mouret for Clergerie, Making sense of Premium jeans, The new Tavi?

Louis Vuitton Voyages Exhibition, National Museum of China photographed by Luc Castel | Source: Louis Vuitton

The mystery of the Chinese consumer (Economist)
“After decades of deprivation and conformism, Chinese consumers regard expensive consumer goods as trophies of success… The owner of a gleaming new BMW will drive around for half an hour to avoid a 50 cent parking fee. And she will hesitate to spend much on interior decoration, because only her family sees the inside of her flat.”

Alaïa Opens Up His Universe (IHT)
The designer, whose intense and personal work is the nearest to the original spirit of Parisienne couture, closed the autumn 2011 season after eight years off the runway… ‘Designers all have a world — but Alaïa has a universe.’”

Mouret Named Creative Director of Robert Clergerie (On the Runway)
“Roland Mouret… Has just been named creative director of the footwear and accessories company Robert Clergerie… Founded in 1978, has been looking to expand its profile globally since the brand was acquired in April by Fung Brands Limited.”

How Can Jeans Cost $300? (WSJ)
“It is an enduring mystery to anyone reared on $50 Levi’s: How can a pair of jeans cost as much as the Phantom, the new look from True Religion that will be priced as high as $375?… The prices of “premium” jeans… Appear to be edging slightly upward after a downturn following the financial crisis”

Becoming One of the ‘Relevant’ (NY Times)
In January Ms. Zeva appeared in Seventeen magazine… Later she was named a judge at the WWD Magic trade show… Elle’s blog asked, “Is Bebe the new Tavi?”…  Brought her to the attention of magazines like Seventeen and Elle, and convinced Mr. Lin and Ms. Boyle that she might be a worthy subject for their documentary.”