Versace takes a stand, Luxury funds outperform, Hangzhou’s savvy, Bow ties boom, The Royal Frock

Versace Jeans Couture | Source: Denim Therapy

Why Versace is putting workers’ health before style (Independent)
Italy’s style capital has become the unlikely focus of a battle to save some of the world’s poorest textile…Versace… Announced that it was throwing its weight behind a campaign to end sandblasting – a manual process used to produce trendy worn-look denim – but which campaigners claim destroys workers’ lungs.”

‘Luxury funds’ are in vogue (JoongAng Daily)
“…’Luxury’ mutual funds, a category that invests in makers of high-end brands, are posting sky-high returns, far outperforming all other mutual funds…Performances were on the back of explosive growth in high-end brands’ stock values, as the luxury market exploits unquenchable thirst for its goods in developing markets.”

In Hangzhou Luxury Market, “The More Expensive, The More Popular” (Jing Daily)
“… Sales of luxury goods reached nearly 900 million yuan (US$140 million) in the first half of the year. This marks a 25 percent increase in growthHangzhou is notable for the speed at which its residents have become more brand-savvy, a trend that has attracted most of the world’s largest luxury brands to launch boutiques there since 2005.”

A Return to Tying the Knot (WSJ)
“After years spent languishing in the evening-wear department, bow ties are finding favor with a new audience—a younger generation… Tailors say the recent boom has had a trickle-down effect, fueling sales of traditional menswear styles.”

Royal Wedding: face to face with The Frock (Telegraph)
“… Before its launch tomorrow, the event has caused a sensation. Latest figures for advanced sales to this Royal Collection exhibition are 107 per cent up on last year with 125,751 tickets sold… Capacity will be 643,000, but slots are selling out with lightning speed, drawn by the allure of The Frock.”