Black style bloggers, A&F profits spike, Forever 21 suppliers sued, Pandora investigation, Fashion capital


Pushing the Boundaries of Black Style (IHT)
As opposed to the fascistically frozen street-style snaps of The Sartorialist and others, these pictures are styled and plotted fictions but also affecting ones, depicting a pair of young black men taking ownership not just of the body and what goes on it, but also of the environment it moves in… Already they have wide reach: Street Etiquette receives 20,000 page views a day.”

Abercrombie & Fitch profit rises 64% (Market Watch)
Abercrombie & Fitch Co.’s fiscal second-quarter earnings rose 64% as the teen-apparel retailer’s sales continued to soar, though rising costs hurt margins… Abercrombie & Fitch has seen strong results of late, aided by more promotional pricing and the growth of its international business. But like other clothing retailers, the company has said higher prices are on the way because of increased raw material costs.”

Forever 21’s Suppliers Are Also Being Sued for Copyright Infringement (The Cut)
“Forever 21 has defended itself against over 40 copyright infringement lawsuits by throwing their vendors under the bus. The company’s president, Do Won “Don” Chang, has said that their policy is to trust their suppliers not to break the law, rather than checking everything that they sell. So in order to cover all their bases, clothing label Feral Childe is suing both Forever 21, as well as the factory outside L.A. that supplied the copied design.”

Pandora’s IPO Under Investigation (Forbes)
Danish regulators have recommended an investigation of Pandora’s IPO. The jewelry maker issued one of the largest floats in 2010. The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the country’s market regulator, said Tuesday they will ask police to investigate Nordea Bank Denmark, a unit of Sweden’s Nordea, for failing to report its financial interest in Pandora in an investment analysis prior to the company’s float in October.”

London: fashion capital of the world (Telegraph)
“London has overtaken New York as the world’s fashion capital for 2011, according to a survey by the Texas-based trend analyser, Global Language Monitor… Based on a system that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in print, electronic and social media, London has officially claimed the top spot – which New York had claimed for several years – after a surge in media interest.”

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  1. Feral Childe need to stop with suing people like Forever 21 and their suppliers. I don’t know how much that design costs, but I’m sure it’s expensive fabric and no one with a tight budget or has no desire to purchase high brand was gonna purchase it any way.

    I don’t care if their eco-friendly or not. They have to compete with everyone else. I’m sure they’ll have someone what will purchase the eco-friendly design. But what if someone doesn’t care if it’s eco friendly or has the money? They weren’t your customers from the start and suing people won’t make them your customers or make them care any more.

    katie from Chicago, IL, United States