Made in China chic, Guess outlook disappoints, Blurring art and fashion, Anna’s power, Marques’Almeida rising

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‘Made in China’ Chic is making Chinese Proud (Red Luxury)
“‘The world has used China as a cheap manufacturing land,’ said Shu Shu Chen, communications director for the Hermes Chinese fashion line Shang Xia. ‘This has been the defining thing for the past 10, 20, 30 years. The time has come to move on from that idea.’… While the Far East has traditionally been associated with cheap labor and shoddy production, its reputation is changing—and attracting big name brands.”

Guess outlook disappoints; shares slide (Reuters)
“U.S. clothing maker Guess Inc gave a disappointing outlook for the rest of the year, citing a difficult economy and competitive environment. The company, best known for its jeans, reported better-than-expected earnings for the second quarter, but said a recent slowdown in the global economy made it more cautious moving forward.”

Art and Fashion in Dasha Zhukova’s Garage (NY Times)
“The magazine, created by Dasha Zhukova, a former editor of Pop, and named after the contemporary art center she opened in Moscow in 2008, includes collaborations between prominent figures of both worlds and blurs the boundaries to such a degree that even the artist Dinos Chapman said his work in the magazine could be described as ‘a full-blown fashion shoot.’”

Vogue’s Anna Wintour: Intimidating, No. Powerful, Yes. (Forbes)
“‘I don’t think of myself as a powerful person. You know, what does it mean? It means you get a better seat in a restaurant or tickets to a screening or whatever it may be. But it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to help others, and for that I’m extremely grateful.’”

Rise: Marques’Almeida (Dazed Digital)
“Graduating from the MA at Central Saint Martins in February, the Portuguese couple behind Marques’Almeida joins Lulu Kennedy’s force to offer a season with abundance of attitude. Fashion East hasn’t seen petulance so desirable yet… ‘Our whole goal is to obviously, build a brand and keep growing; to make sure that the mood and attitude that we try to reflect through our clothes is identifiable in the future.’”

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  1. Marques’Almeida is a portuguese couple brand, as it’s clear in the interview, and not spanish, as you say on your lead

    Henrique from Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
  2. Thanks Henrique for letting us know. Dazed Digital must have updated their article to correct the mixup, and we have now done the same.

    Imran Amed, Editor from Oliver, BC, Canada