Theyskens and Theory, Luxury brands defy malaise, Slow perfume, Pendleton USA, Carmen Busquets invests

Olivier Theyskens for Theory | Source: Spotted Fashion

Theory’s Designer Shapes a New Future (IHT)
“Mr. Rosen was asked whether the seemingly sudden decision to hand over creative control of Theory to the young designer was a risky move. ‘To me, it’s not a risk,’ he said. ‘I know Olivier, and I know his understanding of Theory. I think it’s a great opportunity. I didn’t need a reaction from the consumer on Theyskens’ Theory. It’s amazing clothes that will get an amazing response.’”

Economy is in Crisis, Yet Luxury Brands Still Report Sales Growth (Forbes)
“The rich are not spending as willingly as they were before the recession but they are approaching the height of that cash flow. One simply has to look at the numbers in order to recognize the trend… While the tight wallets of the majority of the population are cause for concern, the spending of the wealthy may contribute to the overall economic recovery.”

The slow fragrance movement (FT)
“These days perfumes are as integral to brand-building as a recognisable logo or a flagship store, and most designers launch scents almost at the same time as their first ready-to-wear line… Enter the Bottega Veneta experiment, an effort to create a new approach to fragrance in the contemporary market. Call it slow perfume.”

Pendleton: Born in the USA and still going strong (LA Times)
“Pendleton, founded in 1863, has been family-run for sixth generations and produces all of its American Indian-patterned blankets and much of its clothing in the Pacific Northwest. Pendleton’s three mills are among a handful that have survived in the U.S., which once had a booming textile industry with nearly 1,000 mills in operation at the beginning of the 19th Century.”

Carmen Busquets invests in social networking clothing design business (Telegraph)
Carmen Busquets, the Venezuelan luxury-goods investor who made a profit of almost £100m from the sale of fashion website Net-a-Porter last year, is to plough some of her gains into social networking clothes design business… aims to connect designers directly with customers through an open network in a way that is ‘authentic’ and ‘refreshing’.”