Ultimate e-shopping, Hermès hits back, Arcadia profits fall, Hong Huang’s boutique, Ziv Gil Kazenstein

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A Wish of E-Shoppers Everywhere, Now in China (WSJ)
“FedEx Corp. delivery men will wait on the doorsteps of Chinese consumers while they inspect their purchases, try them on for size, and decide if the products are worthy of keeping or sending back… The goal is to draw more of that luxury spending online. It is also part of a larger trend of retailers offering special perks to impress upon China’s consumers they are priority No. 1.”

Hermès fires back at share buyback criticism (Reuters)
Hermès on Wednesday hit back at questions from minority shareholder association Adam regarding the luxury company’s share buybacks at high market prices… Since June, Hermès, best known for its silk scarves and high-end leather bags, has spent 114.5 million euros, or 14 percent of its end-year cash reserves, on share buybacks.”

Sir Philip Green warns of profit fall at Arcadia (Telegraph)
“The revelation is further stark evidence of the consumer downturn, which has hit high street retailers hard in recent months… Profits in the current financial year – which runs to the end of this month – are now expected to be a third lower, Sir Philip has told employees. Arcadia, which also includes the BHS department store, made a pre-tax profit of £213m on sales of £2.7bn last year.”

Hong Huang’s Beijing Boutique, Brand New China (BNC) Signs First In-House Fashion Designer (Jing Daily)
“Hong Huang, publisher of the influential lifestyle magazine iLook, tireless promoter of home-grown Chinese fashion design, and proprietress of the “designed in China” boutique Brand New China(BNC), has signed the fresh ESMOD Beijing graduate Xiang Yaodong as the first in-house designer for her new BNC house line.”

Rise: Ziv Gil Kazenstein (Dazed Digital)
“A recent graduate from Central Saint Martins, Ziv Gil Kazenstein inadvertently laid the foundations for his menswear collection long before he began studying fashion. Hailing from Natania, Israel, the print wear designer describes how at age 17 he spent two years making, creating and painting in a commune before moving to London in search of an outlet for his creativity.”