NYFW 10 years on, Richemont sales rise, The move to Lincoln Center, Virtual closets, Diana Vreeland

World Trade Centre Memorial | Source: The Harrow Group

Fashion Week, 10 Years Later: A Bond Forged in Tragedy (NY Times)
“It is but a small footnote to history that the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened on what was to have been the fourth day of New York Fashion Week for the spring 2002 season… In the days that followed, many designers, as they struggled to make sense of their world and resume the daily business of fashion, arranged simple presentations… But for the younger designers… There was no viable way to show their collections to the buyers or press.”

Richemont Five-Month Sales Rise on Increased Demand in Asia (Bloomberg)
Richemont, the second-biggest luxury-goods company, reported sales that beat analysts’ estimates as Asian consumers bought more Vacheron Constantin timepieces and Cartier jewelry. Revenue rose 29 percent in the five months through August from the year-earlier period, the Geneva-based company said… Sales rose 46 percent in the Asia Pacific region, where growing numbers of millionaires are fueling demand for high-end goods.”

Fashion Week’s Impact, by the Numbers (On The Runway)
“Since Fashion Week moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center a year ago, a lot of people (designers, journalists, locals) have debated the impact of relocating such an enormous media event. While the move has drawn significant complaints from area residents about the noise and pollution caused by the portable generators that power the tents, a new study released… Noted that the shows have had a positive impact in at least one regard, the local economy.”

Netrobe Is A Virtual Closet For Your iPhone (TechCrunch)
“Inspired by the now infamous virtual closet in Clueless, Netrobe, an iPhone app out of Athens, Greece, attempts exactly this, helping you remember the individual items from your wardrobe by giving you a tool to catalog them. Netrobe allows iPhone users to mix and match individual items of clothing or accessories on a Styleboard, create outfits for events, pack entire suitcases or add inspirational images to a Lookbook.”

Remembering Diana Vreeland (On the Runway)
“Diana Vreeland, who died in 1989, is hardly an unknown figure in the worlds of fashion and journalism… But now, a new documentary that was shown over the weekend at both the Venice and Telluride film festivals has the potential to bring Ms. Vreeland’s story, and a pretty compelling one it is, to a wider audience.”