Calvin Klein’s house, Vente-Privee targets USA, Feel good fashion, From Bond Street to Shoreditch, Amazon’s Bezos

Fern Mallis and Calvin Klein by John Calabrese | Source: WWD

The House That Calvin Klein Built (WWD)
“Omnipresent as Calvin Klein is throughout the world, the man behind the brand has a reputation for being anything but that… Yet during a rare public tête-à-tête with Fern Mallis Monday night, the designer opened up… No subject seemed to be too personal for the 68-year-old Klein, who appeared relaxed and affable throughout the interview — his first at 92Y in 12 years.”

Flash sales pioneer Vente-Privee targets U.S. (Reuters)
“Vente-Privee, the French start-up that pioneered the now much-imitated model of on-line flash sales, plans to launch its U.S. website by mid-November in partnership with American Express and aims to reach $500 million in sales in the ultra-competitive market in the next five years.”

A Site for Do-Gooders Who Want to Look Good, Too (WSJ)
“Move over, Gilt and Net-A-Porter. These innovators in selling high fashion online are being joined today by Community Collection – a new web company that is marrying several post-financial-crisis cultural phenomenon into one url:  People who want to donate to good causes, can do so by buying fashion online.”

Luxury retailers eye “bleak to chic” east London (Reuters)
“Shoreditch is set to be home to a “mini Bond Street” as luxury fashion houses Christian Louboutin, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood home in on London’s east end, setting the stage for a possible doubling of rents over five years. The three fashion houses, which have sites in high-end areas of London’s traditional West End shopping district, are among luxury retailers targeting the once down-at-heel Shoreditch to capitalise on its edgy image, lower rents and increasingly affluent population”

Birth of a Salesman (WSJ)
“In the summer of 1994, Mr. Bezos quit his job in New York as a vice president at the financial-services firm D.E. Shaw… Moved to Seattle to take advantage of the explosive growth of the Internet and to start Amazon… Mr. Bezos’s unusual management style began to develop. He’s not always a “nice” CEO. He can inspire and cajole but also irritate and berate. He can see the big picture—and micromanage to distraction. He’s quirky, brilliant and demanding.”