The man behind Yoox, Katie Grand’s pyramid, Designer of the moment, China fashion week, ALT’s exhibition

Federico Marchetti | Source: Fastcodesign

Net prophet (AFR)
“In 2000, Federico Marchetti, who was born in a small town below Venice on Italy’s Adriatic coast… Launched an innovative e-commerce business that has made him an industry titan. The planning that led up to the launch and what has happened since surely distinguish Marchetti as the ultimate ‘zagger’.”

The Beating Heart of Fashion (WSJ)
“Even if you don’t follow fashion, a stylist has indirectly influenced what you have on right now, informing your sartorial ideas on everything from power dressing to pastel romance. Grand, whose clients range from high fashion to mass market, is at the top of the pyramid.”

Why Jonathan Saunders is the designer of the moment (Guardian)
“Saunders has been on the London fashion week scene for eight years but it’s only been in the last year that his label has really cranked up a gear. So what changed? ‘Creatively I feel more confident,’ he admits. ‘I come from a textiles background with quite a niche brand image, but through experience I’ve learned to expand. The collection now has more separates and is less dress focussed, so it feels like there’s more of what women actually want to wear.’”

Traditional, ancient accents at China Fashion Week (Reuters)
“Haute couture mixing traditional Chinese touches and styles from more than 1,000 years ago with Western designs opened China Fashion Week, as the world’s fastest-growing market for luxury products catches the eyes of more designers. Models showed off a wide range of long gowns in bright colours, some featuring traditional Chinese embroidery and replicas of attire from the Tang Dynasty, AD 618 to AD 907, from NE TIGER.”

Talley Prepares Museum Exhibition (On the Runway)
“‘Walls are being painted, all of the dresses are basically in place,’ said André Leon Talley, on the phone from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he was putting the finishing touches on the first exhibition in the André Leon Talley Gallery in the school’s new museum of art.”