The Spotlight | Malene Oddershede Bach

Malene Oddershede Bach S/S 2012 | Source: Malene Oddershede Bach

LONDON, United Kingdom — This month, the BoF Spotlight turns to Malene Oddershede Bach, the Denmark-born, London-based designer whose meticulously constructed Spring-Summer collection of architectural-yet-feminine silhouettes, textured knits, silks and cottons, and vivid, unexpected prints stood out at Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch’ show this season.

Oddershede Bach’s spring colour palette of electric pink, turquoise, yellow and black — “it’s always important to have a few black pieces,” said the savvy newcomer — was inspired by psychedelic films, specifically Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void, while unconventional details like sculpted shoulders and deliberately misplaced arm slits were influenced by the uneasy, psychological horror films of David Cronenberg. “The shoulder details come from the idea of the self not feeling complete,” said Oddershede Bach.

But perhaps most promising of all are her digital prints, created from magnified images of powdery yellow butterfly wings and turquoise mouse intestines, two elements which the designer used to personally create a custom BoF logo for this month’s Spotlight.

“All my prints are created by repeating images of organisms normally invisible to the human eye, which the viewers can interpret in their own way,” Oddershede Bach explained.

And while her Spring/Summer 2011 collection introduced a number of new elements, like chain beading and sophisticated bra-panel dresses, Oddershede Bach also maintained the signature pieces that were well received in her graduate collection, like strong-shouldered leather jackets.

In November, Oddershede Bach’s work will be stocked by new online retailer Silkfred — which describes itself as a “social shoptending community for designers” — with more stockists on the way.

It is with great pleasure that we shine this month’s BoF Spotlight on Malene Oddershede Bach.

This month’s BoF Spotlight was written by freelance fashion journalist Katharine K. Zarrella.