Brazil heats up, Condé Nast’s big guns, After the Brioni deal, Sustainable fashion, Still super at 80

São Paulo skyline | Source: Museyon

Exactly How Hot Is Brazil? (IHT)
“Compared with the other so-called BRIC countries — Russia, with historic department stores rising from gray streets; India, with its chaotic New Delhi markets; or China with its sprawling, often empty, shopping malls — São Paulo seems like a hive of glamorous commerce… Compared with China, Brazil has had far less attention from the big brands, although their stores are present in São Paulo, lining the streets in the upscale Jardins area.”

The Three Musketeers of Condé Nast Ride Again (WWD)
“Graydon, Anna and David have their other projects, of course.For the last few years, these three have been targets of some whispered criticism in the media world: How much time do they actually devote to editing their magazines anymore? Are these editors, a combined 55 years into their jobs, starting to get a little bored? Are their best days behind them?  Apparently not. The three are having career years — or at least years that should go down as All-Star seasons on their Hall of Fame plaques.”

PPR and Brioni: After the deal, the implications (FT)
“So it all came true, and PPR did, indeed, buy Italian men’s wear luxury brand Brioni. So far, so rumoured. But what does it mean? It seems to me there are two main implications to the deal… Given the state of the rest of the Italian economy, you’d think the government might not be so thrilled about the prospect of yet more foreign ownership, but then again, maybe in the short-term, they need the tax money.”

An Eye on Sustainable Fashion (NY Times)
“There is a new luxury fashion consumer in Brazil. And it’s not just the lower middle-class shopper with greater purchasing power, as seen everywhere in the country’s media in the last couple of years. These consumers are seeking products that go beyond modern design and new runway trends — looking for an eco-friendly kind of “quality seal” and now, thankfully, they can find what they are looking for. In the last couple of years, some Brazilian brands have begun to invest in collections whose manufacturing is less harmful to the environment.”

Meet Carmen Dell’Orefice, the 80-year-old supermodel (Telegraph)
“That point is 80. And the life is extraordinary; a film waiting to be scripted. Impoverished immigrant parents (mother a Hungarian ballerina, father an Italian violinist; she was born in New York); foster homes; rheumatic fever at 12, which put paid to her own balletic ambitions; modelling at 13 (she made her first Vogue cover by the time she was 15); three husbands of varying unsuitability; numerous spectacularly catastrophic financial scenarios, of which depositing most of her life savings with Bernie Madoff is merely the most recent.”