Quotable | Raf Simons Says A Fashion Business Without Structure Won’t Work

Raf Simons photographed by Willy Vanderperre | Source: Fantastic Man

What I’ve learned about working with a big company like Jil Sander is how important the structure is. You can have ideas and you can have money, but if the structure isn’t right, if everybody at design and management and marketing and sales isn’t in the same key, it’s not going to work.”

Raf Simons speaking to Gert Jonkers, editor of Fantastic Man, for Issue No. 14, Autumn and Winter 2011

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  1. Couldn’t be truer. I notice that at work every day. I also think that what companies need is more than just additional structure; they also need more internal communications. All departments should know what’s going on in the other and how they’re all contributing to the company.

  2. I could not agree more…very wisely said. I also agree with Valerie’s addition of internal communications. That is what will ensure the solidarity of the structure.

    Elliot Carlyle from Crestview, FL, United States
  3. Its all about teamwork. One dept cant be a jack of all trade.

    Suiluj karish from Kenya
  4. Need more content, Im currently running my emerging label solo and I need serious mentoring

  5. There are some fantastic Brands with unrealised potential. They need to do some introspection, establish structure and exhort their teams not to work in water tight compartments.

    Manoj Verma from London, London, United Kingdom