Behind the brands, Mulberry boost, CFDA rejects offer, Facebook fashion, Ohne Titel

Hermès Canton Road | Source: B on brand

Behind the brands (China Daily)
“A survey confirms China’s luxury goods buyers are young and keen on pampering themselves.Gan Tian reports… The focus of this year’s survey is in line with China’s luxury industry profile, where the majorityof buyers are aged between 20 and 30 – significantly younger than their counterparts inWestern countries or nearby Japan.”

Mulberry profits boosted by overseas growth (Reuters)
“British luxury fashion brand Mulberry said its first-half profit more than trebled, boosted by global expansion, and said it was cautiously optimistic about the future while acknowledging the challenging macroeconomic climate. The company, which designs, manufactures and sells leather goods and accessories, posted pretax profit of 15.6 million pounds in the six months to Sept 30, up 231 percent.”

The CFDA Refuses to Shorten New York Fashion Week (The Cut)
“The CFDA has agreed to move New York Fashion Week back a week for September 2012 (to run from September 6 to September 13), and also start on the second Thursday in September in 2013 and 2014, as Milan requested. However, it rejected Milan’s demand to shorten New York Fashion Week.”

Facebook Fashion Index Ranks Brands by ‘Likes’ (WWD)
“When it comes to getting ‘likes’ on Facebook, Converse is a pro. In November, Converse continued to hold the number-one spot among fashion brands in Facebook “likes,” at 20,985,796, up 0.38 percent from October. Coming in at number two was Adidas, which had 11,397,425 “likes,” up 0.86 percent from October, according to a survey on”

Ohne Titel Stands Alone (Interview)
“Flora Gill and Alexa Adams of Ecco Domani Award-winning womenswear line Ohne Titel have always wanted to showcase their structured high-impact garments in an environment that echoes their strong look. Hence their excitement when New York-based arts and culture nonprofit BOFFO selected them to participate in its second annual Building Fashion Project. “

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  1. thanks for sharing~

    about the chinese luxury shopping article…well
    surveys don’t really tell the truth, don’t they
    as a chinese i have to say so far i have not read any article that’s not biased…
    now everyone is trying to start their business in china…but wait…i don’t think expanding chinese market blindly by pushing chinese people to shop is a good plan in the long run…
    now it seems to work out because chinese are just getting to know brand names…when they pass that phase and move on to understand and appreciate luxury not as products but as a lifestyle…these businesses will be too ubiquitous

    there are indeed people buy luxury goods for showing off; there are people who live a luxurious life and have developed their own fine taste; and there are people who are so poor…
    who will respond to that survey? who is willing to admit that they are showing off? and why every article has to deal with LV? …what about those people who are trying to get a Roland Mouret dress?

    buying online is so difficult… has fakes all over the website and if u bought things from, let’s say Net-a-porter or shopbop who ship internationally u have to pay a huge amount of tax…
    China is growing…in a too fast pace…it is too big…has too many people…and not yet fully open to the world…

    i just wish designers and their ceos can spend more time money on designing more beautiful clothes…not on advertising or creating buzz…
    and please…those who write about chinese luxury shopping…stop doing things like putting a picture of 3 young women shopping in lv…what does that picture say about chinese? nothing…