Hermès appeal, Pricing Kors IPO, Twitter fear, Internship crackdown, Rupert Sanderson Q&A

Hermès Store | Source: GQ

Hermès and the secret of luxe appeal (GQ)
“Hermès is a phenomenon: probably the most successful, perhaps the most creative, certainly the most respected and one of the most profitable luxury-goods companies of all time. After a brief blip from 2009-10, the tur­bulent economic times seem to have, if any­thing, accelerated its success.

Putting a Price on Michael Kors (NY Times)
“The fashion designer Michael Kors is seeking a luxury price tag on his stock. His company’s initial public offering, expected this week, would value it at up to $3.6 billion. The metrics are in line with Prada, which listed earlier this year. But Michael Kors Holdings may struggle to sustain the growth needed to stay in style with investors.”

“Tweeting Without Fear (WSJ)
“By now, even the stodgiest companies have found their way onto Twitter. They have discovered it isn’t just another marketing channel with a funny name, it’s more like a conversation they need to join or risk losing influence over how consumers view them or their brands… But there’s a flip side… Ill-considered tweets or hacked Twitter accounts have caused plenty of embarrassment.”

What the Internship Bust Means (Elle UK)
“Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs has warned London Fashion Week designers that failure to pay interns the national minimum wage could lead to prosecution… Interns are the engines that drive the fashion industry. The framework is so prevalent that most designers, public relations executives, editors and stylists in staff jobs today completed internships at the beginnings of their careers.”

Q&A With Rupert Sanderson (WWD)
“Rupert Sanderson never planned to be a footwear designer. It was only after an ill-fated career in advertising that he decided to pursue the career. But 10 years after launching his eponymous line, he is now firmly planted in the shoe industry. Not only has he established a high-end label, but Sanderson has built a vertical business as well.”