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LONDON, United Kingdom – Welcome to the new BoF. Almost a year in the making and based on helpful input and feedback from our global community of readers, we have given BoF a facelift to better showcase our best assets and help you find the content you are looking for.

Our underlying mission has not changed. Amidst a fashion landscape that is being radically reshaped by the forces of digital revolution, rapid globalisation and an uncertain economic outlook, BoF has carved out a distinct position at the intersection of fashion, business and digital media. As always, our objective is not to simply report news, but to offer insight and analysis to foster discussion, online and off, and help make sense of what the news actually means.

Free Access
After much debate and consideration of market feedback, we have decided to keep access to BoF in all its forms — web, email newsletter and online events — completely free. However, as we are a budding business too with operating costs to bear in mind, we have incorporated new sponsorship opportunities for relevant brands and partners into our new presence. This sponsorship will always remain completely separate from our editorial process. For brands and partners interested in sponsoring the BoF, please contact us.

Deep Archive
With more than 1500 posts since BoF began back in 2007, we have a rich and growing archive of content that offers insight and analysis that is still relevant today. In fact, we find that for many people, BoF is the first place they turn when conducting fashion industry research. So to assist you in finding the articles that are most relevant to you, alongside our universal search functionality, we have added a new Archive page that we invite you to explore.

Video Interviews
Over the years, BoF has sat down with scores of interesting fashion business leaders, creative visionaries and inspiring entrepreneurs. Now, there is a home for all of these interviews in our new Video section, where you can find and enjoy our interviews with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld and Fashion Pioneers Natalie Massenet, Jefferson Hack and Nick Knight. In the coming months, the video section will also become a repository for our favourite fashion films, so whenever you are looking for some online fashion inspiration, you’ll know exactly where to go.

Social Sharing
BoF has always embraced the social media revolution and has built significant followings and communities on Twitter (300,000 followers), Tumblr (40,000 followers), Facebook (14,000 fans) and Instagram (2,000 followers). In many cases, we use these social platforms to report live from fashion events around the world, sharing photos and anecdotes that bring you closer to the action. With today’s launch, all of this live reporting will be visible to BoF readers, directly on the site, including tweets and images from our Instagram and Tumblr accounts, as well as the posts your friends have shared on Facebook. Our new ‘Trending’ tab will also tell you which of our articles are sparking the most discussion here on BoF and across the social web.

More to come
This is only the first step in a roadmap that contains several upgrades and improvements to The Business of Fashion that you will be seeing in the coming months. Newsletter subscribers will not notice any immediate changes in their inbox today, but expect a new and improved BoF Daily Newsletter very soon.

I will keep you apprised of these changes and more, as we endeavour to bring you the best of the business of fashion every day.

Imran Amed
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Bravo!

    Randall from New York, NY, United States
  2. Very simple and effective website. Good graphics and easy to read.

    Miles Amed from Pune, Mahārāshtra, India
  3. Great new look and loving the site! Just please don’t go off on any more tangents like trying to “design a bag and then wasting more time with dumb ‘crowd sourcing’ comments.

    David Royce from United Kingdom
  4. I love the upgrade. This layout is phenomenal! The BoF is my daily morning read…even before going through the WWD Morning Report. I love the articles, videos, interviews…everything! Keep up the great work! To Imran and the rest of the team…you guys rock! xoxo

    Elliot Carlyle from Crestview, FL, United States