Future of denim, Fashion tech frenzy, China luxury trends, Technology in 2012, Tyler Brûlé’s formula

Rising Sun jeans | Source: FM8Y

Niche specialists will take denim into the future (The National)
“The classic five-pocket western jeans may be just that – a classic – but perhaps more consumers are now asking whether they really need another pair. Or, perhaps more precisely – the need to meet some fleeting fad for high-rise or flares or “boyfriend” jeans aside – what makes the next pair special enough to justify the outlay.”

Fashion and Tech and Startups, Oh My! (Huffington Post)
“Last month, Reuters reported that venture capitalists invested $2.4B in e-commerce in 2011, more than double the investment in the sector in 2010. Rumors of Gilt Groupe’s impending IPO have only increased interest in the fashion-tech scene.”

China Luxury Trends to watch in 2012 (Red Luxury)
“The pace of transformation in China’s luxury market is stunning, yet it is unique. Due to its size and diversity, China can not be viewed simply as one market, but as many smaller markets with different degrees of maturation. Therefore, China requires different approaches.”

David Rowan: Welcome to 2012 (NOWNESS)
“From social design to person-to-person networking, UK Wired’s David Rowan reveals the big ideas and tech-trends that will define our lives in 2012.”

Mr. Zeitgeist (NY Times)
“In the world according to Monocle, Mr. Brûlé is the walking cynosure of the good life. In addition to his global media company, he writes a column, Fast Lane, in The Financial Times, in which he chronicles his adventures as a globe-trotting connoisseur, bent on unearthing the rarefied and idiosyncratic.”