Best of British, Quality heritage, Saks beats estimates, Editorial investment, Future of prints

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 | Source: Showmoda

London fashion week showcases the best of British (Guardian)
“This week Stella McCartney and Sarah Burton arrived on a catwalk previously ruled by Burberry and Christopher Kane, and yet it felt more like a celebration than a contest, because the strongest brand in London fashion is London itself.”

UK manufacturing skills a lure for luxury brands (Reuters)
“Britain’s fashion manufacturing is experiencing a revival as luxury brands clamour to have their products made in a country known for its quality craftsmanship, heritage and history.”

Saks beats quarterly profit estimates (Reuters)
“Saks Inc reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit helped by strong online sales, and forecast sales growth at its established luxury department stores, sending shares up 3 percent before the markets opened.”

Editing as a Brand Investment (NY Times)
“Brand-financed magazines — not glorified catalogs or vanity glossies but serious niche publications with top-notch editors and contributors — became something of a fad during the last decade. Now, in a tense business atmosphere where every cent is guarded, some fashion businesses say the publications (and their new online versions) have been excellent marketing investments.”

The Future of Prints Is-Bright (NY Times)
“For something as blindingly conspicuous as the brave, bold print, it certainly has enjoyed a long run on the catwalks over the past 10 years. Such stamina is pretty remarkable considering fashion’s notoriously fickle nature and ever-shortening attention span.”