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Stella McCartney’s Fashion Message (On the Runway)
Stella McCartney appears in a new video by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, released today. It’s worth watching. The subject is animal suffering in the leather industry and the risks to human health and the environment from tanneries.”

At Fashion Week, a Peek at a New Tactic for Marketers (NY Times)
“Made Fashion Week’s mobile app… has been designed to listen for specific sound waves that will be played over the speakers during runway shows throughout the week. The app will then automatically pull up a photograph of the outfit — taken by a photographer on the scene — as well as the designer’s name, biography and contact information.”

Models form rights group ahead of New York Fashion Week (Reuters)
“Fashion models in the United States launched a rights group on Monday ahead of New York Fashion Week to seek workplace standards including backstage privacy to stop unauthorized nude photos and a program to provide confidential advice on dealing with sexual harassment.”

Startup of the Week: Lux Fix (Wired)
“Lux Fix is an e-commerce site that works with designers to offer super-curated luxury fashion with members-only discounts… We are the only site which is able to provide its customers with current season offers from top luxury fashion brands; this is possible because we provide marketing and sales generation for our designer partners’ brands and websites.”

French Vogue embraces the digital age with website relaunch (Guardian)
“Vogue magazine has stayed at the pinnacle of fashion. From launching the careers of designers to creating trends and showcasing the latest in culture, Vogue has always been seen as the taste maker in an industry dedicated to the creation of taste makers… Today sees a new website launch from French Vogue.”

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  1. Impassioned speech from Stella McCartney but I can’t help but wonder why her own company had to be beaten into submission into paying interns by HMRC. It’s one thing to talk about cruelty to animals about leather and like it or not, leather will always be popular but what about her own company’s ethics against interns?

  2. When I search for arsenic tanning, the only records that I find are that arsenic was used as a tanning agent until the 1950s. We have come a long way since then, and I am sure that knowledge can (if not already) be brought to India. This video also doesn’t address the question of whether vegetable tanning is any better or not.
    The death of cows and other animals are so common, and the skin is obviously a byproduct from many slaughterhouses. You can’t argue against this aspect of the leather industry if you eat meat.

    Marie from London, London, United Kingdom