Fashion criticism, Italian tax twists, Ecommerce imperative, Trunk show, Ethan Koh’s heritage

Front row journalists | Source: The Fashpack

Fashion Week: The beleaguered art of fashion criticism (The Star)
“There was a time when fashion designers feared the critics who populated the front rows of their fashion shows. A bad review could mean a collection was ignored by the fashion magazines. Stores might turn elsewhere for the clothes to fill their racks next season.”

Italy tax twists throw luxury market in disarray (Reuters)
“Jeweller Mattia Cielo opened his exclusive boutique on top Italian luxury street Via Montenapoleone last October, only to see the flow of clients peter out after the government curbed the use of cash. So when Rome bowed to pressure and scrapped the 1,000-euro ($1,300) limit on cash use by foreigners after only eight weeks, Cielo uncorked a bottle of champagne in celebration.”

Ecommerce: When potential sales are too big to ignore (FT)
“Since the dawn of ecommerce, the business of buying and selling luxury watches online has been a source of contention. Until recently, most welcomed visitors to their sites with a brusque warning not to buy watches online.”

Louis Vuitton: The Trunk Show (On the Runway)
“The exhibition, once seen, covers two floors of the museum, with the work of Louis Vuitton on the first floor (mostly trunks) and, separated by more than a century, the work of Mr. Jacobs for Louis Vuitton on the second floor (mostly handbags, shoes, clothes, collaborations and advertisements). Pamela Golbin, the curator, said that the idea was to contrast the work of the two men as it related to the great cultural shifts of their times.”

The Skins He Lives In (WSJ)
“Given that he grew up with a tannery in his backyard, it’s not surprising that Ethan Koh has made a career out of leather… Mr. Koh is the fourth generation of a family that has been working with leather since the 1900s, when his great-grandfather picked up exotic-skin tanning from the British, erstwhile rulers of Singapore.”