Sarah Burton triumphs, Herrera chic, A&F on Savile Row, Nicole Farhi’s culture, Fashion Star

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2012 | Source: Grazia

Sarah Burton (Interview)
“When Sarah Burton was named Creative Director of Alexander McQueen in May 2010, she was charged with a task that many thought impossible…  It was Burton who, despite the circumstances, helped shepherd to completion McQueen’s last collection for Fall 2010, which was in progress when he died.”

How Carolina Herrera turned being chic into big business (CNN)
“In her ‘uniform’ of a crisp, classic white shirt, Carolina Herrera exudes the kind of elegance and easy grace that has defined her fashion label for more than 30 years.”

Abercrombie & Fitch with its ‘crappy clothes’ threatens staid Savile Row (Guardian)
Until now, with A&F technically just out of sight of most of the Row, the proud old tailor shops could just about pretend it didn’t exist along with its loudly branded sweatshirts, its Eurotrash and its queues. They were able to get on with what they do so well – making bespoke suits and being slightly scary.

Nicole Farhi: a woman for all seasons (Telegraph)
“She is astoundingly French in her air and mannerisms for someone who has lived here for 30 years, and who many people assume, because of her label’s central position in British culture, is English.”

The Closet Question: Who Would Wear This Stuff? (NY Times)
“Yes, ‘Fashion Star’ is another competition show for up-and-coming designers, but a couple of twists set it apart. The biggest is that it puts front and center the question any layman has when peering into the high-fashion world: ‘Who besides a supermodel would ever wear this stuff?’”