Amazon ups the ante, Italian optimism, One man show, Eastern promises, Arizona Muse rules the runway screen shot | Source: Raises Fashion Ante (Apparel News)
“Best known for selling books and electronics, as well as itsKindle e-reader, Inc. has placed its focus on becoming a bigger player in the fashion business. The Seattle-headquartered Fortune 500 company recently placed ad campaigns in glossy consumer magazines and hired seasoned fashion veterans as buyers for the apparel offerings sold in its Amazon Clothing Store.”

Overseas sales boost Italian luxury groups (FT)
“The upbeat outlook is not restricted to Prada. Salvatore Ferragamo, the Florentine house famous for making shoes for Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, and family-owned Versace have both reported record results on sales to Asian, Brazilian and US consumers. Moreover, they remain optimistic for next year because of their global reach.”

One Man Show (
Juergen Teller’s photographs have a deceptive plainspokenness (‘People think it’s just a stupid snapshot,’ he says, ‘I get that a lot’), but they are penetrating. Even when his subjects aren’t show-offs, they’ll reveal things for Teller that even their loved ones don’t get to see.”

Japanese fashion: Eastern Promises (Independent)
“‘The amount of detail that goes into Japanese brands and production, I think, is unrivalled,’ says Christiaan Ashworth, co-owner of Newcastle’s End Clothing, one of the UK’s most savvy and forward-looking menswear boutiques. ‘British production’s fantastic, as is American, but…in Japan, the consideration that goes into the products… sometimes it even seems crazy, the lengths that they will go to.’”

Arizona Muse: the model mum sweeping the catwalks (Telegraph)
“Muse is a 23-year-old American model who, over the past 18 months, has captivated the world of high style. Since September 2010, when Miuccia Prada exclusively booked the then unknown to open and close the Prada show, her gazelle-like legs have stalked every catwalk between New York and Paris.”