Betsey bankruptcy, Chanel creativity, Claiborne sales up, Burberry reigns in Taipei, Cool Sewell

Betsey Johnson | Source: The Plaza

Betsey Johnson Declares Bankruptcy (Forbes)
“A spokesperson at Betsey Johnson has confirmed that the 34-year-old fashion line has filed for bankruptcy protection. The filing will likely result in the dismissal of 350 employees and the closure of most of the brand’s 63 stores.”

Chanel sticks to being creative (Daily Yomiuri)
“In the 64th installment in a series on the world’s high-end brands, Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s chairman of fashion, told The Yomiuri Shimbun about what makes the brand special and the prospects for the Japanese market.”

Kate Spade lifts Liz Claiborne’s sales (Reuters)
“Liz Claiborne Inc on Thursday reported stronger-than-expected quarterly sales on big gains at its kate spade high-end brand and as declines moderated at its biggest brand of Juicy Couture.”

Bailey’s Burberry Reigns in Tapei (Evening Standard)
“Billion-pound brand Burberry took the fashion world into a new dimension last night as it unveiled its new flagship store in Tapei.”

Cool to be Sewell (Sydney Morning Herald)
“Yasmin Sewell is cool. Every tiny bit of her. She’s one of those effortlessly chic women that’s impossible not to notice. The kind that makes a printed shirt and kitten heels look perfect even on a chilly morning in downtown Sydney.”