Dolce & Gabbana’s world, Luxury rises in the East, Ethical H&M, Wizards of Cos, Jenny Lauren

The Sicilian Baroque collection by Jason Lloyd-Evans | Source: Telegraph

The gilded world of Dolce and Gabbana (Telegraph)
“The idea that Dolce & Gabbana, both the company and its clothes, are the ‘child’ of the two men who created it recurs repeatedly… By 2002 the company/child they could have ‘killed’ in the fallout had already grown into one of Italian fashion’s most momentous commercial juggernauts.”

Luxury goods: style rises in the east (FT)
“Luxury goods executives point out that a start-up such as Sheji/Sorgere is in no position to compete with the likes of Prada… The mere fact of the launch of a Chinese luxury brand that produces in Italy is a strong indication of the profound changes the world’s second-biggest economy is bringing to the European industry.

Is H&M the new home of ethical fashion? (Guardian)
H&M is not just a big player in ‘fast fashion’, it’s a giant… And now, in an audacious move, H&M is positioning itself as the ethical solution, the retailer that can make ethics and fast fashion synonymous. It wants to be an ethical giant, too.”

Wizards of Cos (Telegraph)
“There aren’t many high-street shops that don’t consider themselves ‘high street’; Cos regards itself as a design house that happens to have high-street stores. The London-based Swedish brand, known for its minimal clothing and accessories, celebrates its fifth birthday this month.”

Restringing a Famous Last Name (NY Times)
“You might expect the jewelry designer Jenny Lauren to have a head start in the business: She’s the niece of Ralph and the daughter of his brother Jerry, the executive vice president for men’s design at the fashion behemoth. But her big retail break came from an unlikely source: Urban Zen.”