Fashion partnership, Shoedazzle pivots, Curation superheroes, Extreme e-commerce, Li Bingbing

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim by Gregory Harris | Source: Interview

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim (Interview)
“When Humberto Leon first met his future close friend and business partner Carol Lim 19 years ago at the University of California, Berkeley, Lim was in her pajamas. ‘I met her at a friend’s house and said, ‘Let’s go out!’ So Carol just put on heels with her pajamas and we had a really fun night,” Leon recalls. “That’s how it all started.”

Here’s What’s Going Wrong At Shoedazzle (Business Insider)
“Change is good.  It’s more than good – it’s necessary for growth… But what happens when a company changes its business model in a way that strips away a valuable element of its brand equity?… We’ll find out, given the recent announcement that ShoeDazzle is scrapping its monthly subscription model.”

Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web (Fast Company)
“What’s happened is the web has gotten better at making data. Way better, as it turns out. And while algorithms have gotten better at detecting spam, they aren’t keeping up with the massive tide of real-time data. While devices struggle to separate spam from friends, critical information from nonsense, and signal from noise, the amount of data coming at us is increasingly mind-boggling.”

E-Commerce Wrapped in a Music Video (On the Runway)
“‘Fashion Star’ on NBC is probably the extreme example of the possibilities of merging content and commerce with pop stars, designers and even top-tier retailers. But those lines have been blurring for some time, as magazines adopt e-commerce strategies (expect a big push from Harper’s Bazaar this fall) and retailers continue to delve into the medium of social commerce.”

Li Bingbing: Gucci’s Chinese torchbearer (Telegraph)
“When creative director Frida Giannini was looking for a face for Gucci in China, Li Bingbing, was the natural choice – obviously a genuine fan of the brand.”