Gap’s brand lab, Italian IPO appeal, PPR sustainability plan, Social gifting, Tumblr show

GAP Be Bright Spring Summer 2012 | Source: Art8Amby

A Humbled Gap Tries a Fresh Coat of Pep (NY Times)
Yet this is a Gap — at the Grove, an upscale mall in Los Angeles. Only it’s more than a Gap — it’s a laboratory for reviving the brand, one of the great hot-to-not stories of American retailing”

Cucinelli’s stellar debut seen boosting Italy IPO appeal (Reuters)
“Italian cashmere specialist Brunello Cucinelli made a sparkling market debut in Milan on Friday, buoyed by strong demand for European luxury goods stocks that have shrugged off double-dip recessions on the continent.”

Luxury brands group PPR announces a five year sustainability plan (The Guardian)
“The luxury brands group PPR has followed through on its commitment to putting a value on eco-system services by announcing a series of environmental targets to reduce its footprint.”

Social gifting: the new buzzword in e-commerce (Reuters)
“Last year, the buzzword in e-commerce was Groupon Inc and its myriad of competitors that offered daily online coupons to entice shoppers in a down economy. Now, the latest fashion in retail is social gifting, where people get together on Facebook to buy each other gifts.”

Peep Show: Tumblr inspired fashion individuality (Independent)
“When a ‘very shy’ 22-year-old Spanish fashion graduate named Rei Nadal received a message from the acclaimed fashion photographer Nick Knight via her Tumblr site – it’s called Death And Milk, and tagged ‘I’m Rei, I don’t exist’ – she believed it to be nothing more than an elaborate ruse.”