LVMH tops estimates, Trench warfare, Clean up in China, Debating TOMS formula, Lace’s grace

Louis Vuitton store Dublin | Source: Bloomberg

LVMH First-Quarter Sales Top Estimates, Defying Slowdown (Bloomberg)
“LVMH, the world’s largest maker of luxury goods, reported first- quarter sales that beat analysts’ estimates as demand for its products accelerated, defying an “uncertain” European economy.”

Trench warfare: Burberry vs Aquascutum (Independent)
“Two of Britain’s most well-known fashion labels found themselves at rather different ends of the spectrum yesterday, as international megabrand Burberry announced a rise of 17.1 per cent in its revenues, while Aquascutum – whose apparel once warmed the burly shoulders of Winston Churchill – has entered administration.”

Fashion houses ‘need to clean up their act’ (China Daily)
“Some top brand names may be contracting river polluters as suppliers, reports Li Jing in Beijing. The fashion industry is no longer as glamorous as it may appear and by wearing a pair of jeans you may have contributed to the pollution of China’s rivers.”

Toms Shoes: a Doomed Vanity Project? (Forbes)
“You buy a shoe from Toms, they give a shoe for charity. That’s a flawed, morally obtuse business model if you’ve ever heard one, right? Actually, no — you probably think pretty highly of Toms if you think of them at all.”

Exploring the Grace in Lace (IHT)
“Only after Kate Middleton walked down the aisle to marry Prince William… were the skills of the Royal School of Needlework on display — as appliqués of lace, especially on the bodice of the sculpted dress. Since then, there has been a fashion frenzy for lace, but not so much the peekaboo, lingerie styles redolent of the boudoir and focusing on flesh.”