Modern Chinese, Vuitton’s mystique, Dr Martens bids, The Sartorialist speaks out, Steven Alan

Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 | Source: Twenty2

What the Chinese Want (WSJ)
“The rise of microbloggers, the popularity of rock bands with names like Hutong Fist and Catcher in the Rye, and even the newfound popularity of Christmas all seem to point toward a growing Westernization… Consumers in China aren’t becoming ‘Western.’ They are increasingly modern and international, but they remain distinctly Chinese.”

LVMH looks to burnish Vuitton mystique and buoy sales (Reuters)
“French luxury giant LVMH is struggling to retain its image as exclusive and high-end creators of $10,000 alligator handbags and goat-lined fur coats, while opening enough stores and reaching enough customers to keep profits high.”

Dr. Martens awaits private equity tie-up (Independent)
“Private equity firms have put their best foot forward and submitted first-round bids of up to £120m for Dr Martens, the British footwear brand made famous by skinheads but now favoured by a trendier crowd.”

Sartorialist Founder Scott Schuman Airs Grievances in GQ (WWD)
“Good old print magazines keep getting the shaft these days. Even in their own pages. ‘It shocks me when young kids still say, ‘I want to do a magazine,’ Scott Schuman said, in the June issue of GQ.”

Fashion Talks: Steven Alan (WWD)
“Stores are very capital-intensive, so for us it’s a slow process, but I’m thinking about Boston, Georgetown, Chicago, Seattle. We’re really a neighborhood store, like on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn — I can’t imagine us ever being on Fifth Avenue or 57th Street. It’s really fun to shape the store to the community.”