BoF Celebrates 5 Years in Florence

The Setting of the BoFxPolimoda Party | Photo: Polimoda

FLORENCE, Italy — Following back-to-back parties to celebrate our 5th anniversary in New York and London earlier this year, on Thursday evening, members of the fashion community gathered at the Villa Favard in Florence, home of Polimoda, for another spectacular birthday bash. Under the direction of Linda Loppa, Polimoda is quickly emerging as Italy’s leading fashion school. And it’s no wonder. Herself a graduate of Belgium’s prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ms. Loppa spent more than a decade teaching some of the leading names in international fashion, including the legendary Antwerp Six, before bringing her impeccable fashion credentials to Polimoda.

With its focus on fostering dialogue at the intersection of creativity, design and technology, Polimoda and BoF are a natural fit and have many shared values. But when Ms. Loppa so kindly offered to host an event for BoF in Florence, I could never have imagined a more perfect setting, on the warm night of the summer solstice, under the Tuscan stars, with the BoF logo projected larger-than-life onto the stunning façade of the neo-Renaissance Villa Favard.

Linda and I were joined by hundreds of her students, alumni, and of course, members of the BoF community from all around the world, in town to attend Pitti Uomo. And as usual, we asked our guests to share their responses to one simple question: “WHY DO YOU LOVE WORKING IN THE BUSINESS OF FASHION?”

Here are some of the best answers and coolest looks of the night from attendees like Tommy Ton, Filep Motwary, Stefan Siegel, Raffaelo Napoleone, Susie Bubble, and of course, Linda Loppa herself.

LINDA LOPPA, Dean of Polimoda
I love working in The Business of Fashion because “it is connecting people.”

FILEP MOTWARY, Fashion blogger, Un Nouveau Ideal
I love working in The Business of Fashion because “it’s the road to the future.”

RAFFAELLO NAPOLEONE, Chief Executive Officer, Pitti Immagine
“I love working in The Business of Fashion because “it’s fun! It’s creative! It’s made in Italy. It’s Pitti!”

TOMMY TON, Photographer, Jak and Jil and
I love working in The Business of Fashion because “I get to meet people like Imran!”

OMOYEMI AKERELE and team from Lagos Fashion and Design Week
We love working in The Business of Fashion “because Fashion saves lives!”

ALBERTO SCACCIONI, Chief Executive Officer of Ente Moda Italia
I love working in The Business of Fashion “for the beauty and love of it!”

ERIK BJERKESJO, Designer and Winner of Who Is On Next 2012 
I love working in The Business of Fashion because “it is a beautiful Journey.”

AKI CHOKLAT, Professor, Polimoda 
I love working in The Business of Fashion because “of Shoes!”

SUSIE BUBBLE and LOU STOPPARD, Fashion writers
I love reading The Business of Fashion because “it means business!”

STEFAN SIEGEL, Founder, Not Just a Label 
“I love working in The Business of Fashion “because changing the world is not an option, but an obligation… at least worth a try”

Thank you very much to everyone at Polimoda for their kind hospitality and for organising such a great event and Fattoria Dianella for generously supporting our celebration. 

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  1. Great regards for this special celebration .The post is like special appreciation .I like this gorgeous effort .

    john from Islamabad, Islāmābād, Pakistan
  2. I loved this post! I want to share also
    why I love fashion?
    Fashion is beauty, and beauty will save the world!