Burberry tech team, Atwood acquired, Tourist shoppers, Facebook’s Open Graph, Xander Zhou

Burberry's Angela Ahrendts and Christopher Bailey | Source: Ben Baker Photo

Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts: High tech’s fashion model (Fortune)
“Ahrendts has been boldly reinventing Burberry’s image and operations since she arrived at the British company six years ago. Her moves have paid off handsomely: Annual sales of some $3 billion are more than double 2007 levels, and the stock has returned nearly 300% since Ahrendts’ arrival.”

Jones Group tries on new shoes (Crain’s New York Business)
“The Jones Group Inc. is trying on yet another shoe. The company announced Monday that it is acquiring the Brian Atwood footwear brand, a purchase which will further cement Jones’ transformation from a seller of dowdy, mid-priced womenswear to a luxury player focused on fashion footwear and accessories.”

Two European gems amongst the rubble (MarketWatch)
“A few years ago, I said: if people do not watch it, Europe will become an open-air museum for traveling Chinese. Well, we are halfway there.”

Fashion World Embraces Facebook’s Open Graph (WWD)
“It’s no secret the fashion world is fast adopting Facebook’s Open Graph — and there are numbers to prove it. According to Facebook, it’s also compiled a list of ‘best practices’ for companies in the commerce space, calling this sector one of the quickest growing among timeline app users.”

Breaking the Mold (WWD)
“All Chinese are taught that their ultimate mission in life is to bring glory to the motherland and, hence, to their families and to themselves… Xander is not the Chinese you’d expect. He represents a new globalized generation.”