Ferragamo at the Louvre, D&G trial, Cos’ achievement, Margiela rumours, Ambassador Anna?

Louvre | Source: Trekearth

Ferragamo Takes Stage at the Louvre (IHT)
“For the first time in its long history of grandeur, gore and artistry, the Louvre will host a catwalk fashion show on Tuesday. Designers have shown their wares in the museum courtyard with its glass pyramid, but this show from Salvatore Ferragamo will be inside the building, taking place on a 120-meter runway, about 400 feet, under the Denon wing’s colonnade.”

Designers Dolce, Gabbana face tax trial: sources (Reuters)
“Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who count model Naomi Campbell and pop star Madonna among their friends, will stand trial over alleged tax evasion.”

Cos: Thoroughly modern minimalism (Independent)
“The best indication of a brand’s successful infiltration is when you can’t imagine the high-street landscape without it, or remember where you used to buy anything before it existed. And five years after first arriving in the UK, Swedish label Cos is becoming as much part of the fabric of our town centres as its stablemate, H&M.”

H&M to launch collection by Maison Martin Margiela (Reuters)
“Swedish budget clothing retailer H&M said on Tuesday French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela would design a collection of men’s and women’s clothes to go on sale in its stores around the world in November.”

Is Anna Wintour set to become Barack Obama’s woman in London? (Independent)
“The President will attend a series of high-profile fundraisers with key figures from the fashion industry, led by Anna Wintour, the British-born editor of Vogue magazine, who yesterday was tipped as a possible future candidate for US Ambassador to London.”

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  1. Its quite sad to read, that beside the latest Hongkong Case and Trial, now Dolce and Gabbana opened a store in Kiev in shopping center Mandarin Plaza owned by a gangster wanted by FBI, Semion Mogilevich. looks like they are getting into dark business lately.

    julia from Zurich, 25, Switzerland
  2. What are you vtalking about??? No it can not be truth…well… I mean, I have seen many comments and heard many stories as I work for Italian Vogue, but why should the do a business with russian mafia? Dolce and Gabbana with Semion Mogilevich and his Mandarin Plaza? Mafia versus fashion? That does not make much sense but what I know from my experience in this industry, everything is possible.

    Lulu marlene from Zurich, 25, Switzerland
  3. D&G tax trial? come on. Dolce and Gabbana in Kiev, in a shopping center Mandarin plaza owned by russian Gangster? you are kidding me? :) It sound like a crime story not a fashion story anymore

    Cassidy Italiana from Zurich, 25, Switzerland