JC Penney plots turnaround, King Karl, Hugo Boss growth slows, Water world, Queen of frocks

J.C. Penney store in Manhattan Mall | Source: Business Week

J.C. Penney store in Manhattan Mall | Source: Business Week

Why JC Penney Will Come Back (The Motley Fool)
“Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no one said JC Penney’s turnaround would happen overnight either. Since Ron Johnson took the helm back in January, shares have been sliced in half and currently sit near 52-week lows.”

It’s Karl’s world, we just live in it (The Independent)
“Lagerfeld’s output is more diverse than any other designer’s: he is responsible for everything from Chanel haute couture where money is no object to the accessible Karl. In 2004, he was the first big name to collaborate with the Swedish high-street chain H&M.”

Hugo Boss says Asia sales growth slows (Reuters)
“German fashion house Hugo Boss said sales slowed in Asia in the second quarter of the year, although it maintained its outlook for a record year as sales in Europe surged, helped by tourist shoppers.”

The Life Aquatic Catches the Olympian Mood (NY Times)
“As the tide of competitors filled the Olympic stadium on Friday, blue was the dominant color for the teams of the Western world, from Armani’s sleek jackets, finished off with a necktie, to France’s sportier high-tech tailored blazers from Adidas.”

Mary Katrantzou: queen of frocks (Telegraph)
“There is a lot of the enthusiastic student about Mary Katrantzou. There she sits on top of her desk by an open window, hair loose, chunky earrings swinging, cigarette and lighter in hand. She laughs a lot – throws her head back and really laughs – and talks 10 to the dozen; so much so that it takes 20 minutes for her actually to light the cigarette and start smoking it.”