Lunch with Stella, China’s stylish side, Russian renaissance, Bargain hunters, Kuethe for Kate Spade

Stella McCartney | Source: My o My

Lunch with Stella McCartney (FT)
“Even for someone as competitively normal as Stella McCartney, who somehow manages to take the position that – despite her status as a 40-year-old international fashion brand/Olympic outfitter/daughter of a Beatle/friend of Madonna, Gwyneth, Cameron et al/mother of four – she is Just Like Everyone Else, this seems to be going to extremes.”

The Stylish Side of China (NY Times)
“Ms. Hao’s enthusiasm for fashion magazines thick with advertisements for Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel lipsticks are a welcome source of revenue for magazine publishers based in New York. While fashion labels are spending more on magazine advertising in the United States, they’re pouring even more money into magazines across mainland China.”

Russian design takes Europe’s catwalks by storm (The Independent)
“It’s the style that came in from the cold. After years of slumbering in the couture stakes, Russia is marching on the catwalks of the world with a vanguard of young designers, stylists, journalists, bloggers and models. The nation whose previous contribution to the life à la mode was the Red Army greatcoat is finally creating a buzz in fashion circles.”

How the web made us a nation of fashion bargain hunters (The Independent)
“Innovative and accessible new retail sites and concepts mean that, even as traditional retailers are re-adjusting to a frosty climate, buyers can stalk cyberspace round the clock for cut-price goods.”

Q. & A. With Katia Kuethe, New Director of Creative at Kate Spade (On the Runway)
“Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Ms. Kuethe has brought her globally inclined creativity to brands such as Tom Ford, J. Crew, YSL and Gucci where she helped create and develop the packaging and advertisement campaigns.”