Tavi’s girl world, September issues, Luxury in Beirut, Mumbai fashionista, DVF muses

Tavi Gevinson by Emily Beri | Source: NY Times

The Oracle of Girl World (NY Times)
“By the time Teen Vogue named her ‘the luckiest 13-year-old on the planet,’ in 2009, Ms. Gevinson had appeared on the covers of Pop and Love magazines and starred in a video for Rodarte’s Target line. Later, she was profiled by both The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine.”

Beirut: All Gucci and no gigabytes (Reuters)
“You name it, Beirut’s got it. These days, however, it seems there are not that many people around who want it, or at least not enough who can afford to buy it. Although not many are ready to say so, some of the plush, brand-name boutiques of the 21st century Beirut Souk have a dearth of rich clients. Their staff, bored stiff, stand around all suited-up and made-up with hardly anyone to serve.”

See you in September (NY Post)
“The annual magazine ad-page race just got a little bit tighter last week among the fiercely competitive women’s fashion titles, with Vogue trumpeting a 658 ad-page tally for its September issue (its most watched), up a robust 14 percent from a year ago.”

Mumbai Journal: The City Looming Over Indian Fashion (WSJ)
“The Wall Street Journal’s India Real Time spoke with Ms. Vasudev, now associate editor at the Indian Express, about the increasing influence of Bollywood on luxury, and why the fashionista is an entirely Mumbai construct.”

Chinese women are muses for fashion guru (China Daily)
“Today, with five stores doing brisk business (and plans for four more this year) and more than 300,000 followers on China’s Sina Weibo, she is becoming a household name here, a realization of her 2010 resolution to be widely known in a country that has become more than a business destination.”