Cobbler’s colosseum, Apple’s demands, Social trends, Lackluster numbers, Blogger designers

Diego Della Valle | Source: Raw Story

The cobbler and the Colosseum (Telegraph)
“Yet very soon the unmistakeable circular façade of the Colosseum will be obscured by scaffolding for the beginning of a €25 million restoration funded entirely by Diego Della Valle, the 58-year-old founder of the shoe company Tod’s.”

Apple reveals core values in patent trial (Marketing Week)
“Apple is demanding that Samsung pays $2.5bn (£1.58bn) and withdraws several of its most successful smartphones and tablets from US distribution after accusing the South Korean company of ‘ripping off’ its technology.”

Will rising costs spark a new social trend in the fashion industry? (The Guardian)
“Contemporary fashion consumption patterns, hence, have a direct correlation with lower garment quality. A well finished pair of jeans for example, requires a certain amount of labour, and therefore time, to sew. Making more items in a shorter period of time can only mean one thing: less time per item, and therefore more mistakes and imperfections…”

‘Schiaparelli and Prada’ Closes With Lackluster Numbers (The Cut)
“Even before ‘Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations’ opened in May, curator Andrew Bolton told us he wasn’t expecting to repeat the success of last year’s McQueen exhibit, which shattered attendance records and was so popular the museum extended its run twice.”

The rise of the blogger designer (Telegraph)
“First they invaded the front row. Now fashion bloggers are muscling in on the designers’ jobs, too. Garance Doré, one half of the blogosphere’s most influential power couples has turned her hand to design for Kate Spade New York.”