Revamping The Cut, West End boost, Short-selling luxury, Muslim fashion, All the trimmings

New screen shot | Source: The Cut

Revamped ‘The Cut’ Blog Will Take On The Fashion Glossies (Business Insider)
“Readers of New York Magazine’s fashion blog The Cut are in for a treat when they check in on the site Monday morning. That’s when the the company plans to reveal its all new version of the blog—a standalone website that will move outside its current editorial milieu of style and gossip.”

West End luxury brands see Games boost (BBC News)
“London’s West End retailers saw a 13.5% year-on-year increase in customers visiting its shops on the day of the Olympic Triathlon, led by luxury brands. Experian, which is tracking London’s weekly footfall throughout the Olympics, said the event brought spectators away from Stratford and into the city’s main shopping districts.”

Short-selling luxury? Retreat! (Globe & Mail)
“Last week in this space, I wrote about an interesting investing thesis from John Hempton of Bronte Capital. The gist of it: Bet against ultra-luxury goods makers – particularly Switzerland-based Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA – because Chinese sales are about to plummet.”

Indonesia Becoming a Mecca For Muslim Fashion Trends (Jakarta Globe)
“When it comes to Muslim fashion, though, Jakarta has a lot going for it. The country’s rising middle class has fueled a boom in the domestic fashion industry.”

All the Trimmings Are the Main Course (NY Times)
“Ten years ago, fashion design students might have said they most wanted to emulate the careers of Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg or Michael Kors. Today, role models might include Rebecca Minkoff, Pamela Love or Brian Atwood — all accessories designers.”