Trends are passé, Fashion patents, China e-commerce shift, Future of street style, Plus-size men

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In Fashion, Are Trends Passé? (New York Times)
“Trends persist, of course, still scrutinized by mass merchants, manufacturers and many consumers, who use them as a compass, a means of navigating a sea of often-conflicting messages. But as an impetus to buy, trend reports rank fairly low on consumer checklists. Shoppers instead glean their fashion intelligence from a welter of sources, among them the runways, the Internet and the seemingly anarchic streets.”

Lululemon, Klein lawsuit offers rare glimpse into fashion patents (Vancouver Sun)
“The Vancouver-based maker of trendy yoga-inspired apparel last week launched a patent lawsuit against PVH Corp.’s Calvin Klein brand and G-III Apparel Group for patent infringement alleging Calvin Klein copied the unique waist-band design Lululemon uses on its cornerstone product – shapely, hip-hugging yoga pants.”

China’s Luxury E-Commerce Market Heads In A New Direction (Jing Daily)
“Disenchanted with the inherent challenges of China’s luxury e-commerce market, many e-tailers are seeking solutions to combat low profit margins and ways to take advantage of still-high demand for luxury goods among China’s middle class.”

Is street style losing its cutting edge appeal? (Metro)
“Street style, the art of taking pictures of real people based on their style, is one of the most dynamic practices of fashion media. But the genre may be losing its cachet. The number of bloggers, key proponents of street-style imagery, is growing at such a rate that quantity is seriously overtaking quality. And whereas Schuman and his ilk – talented photographers with well-schooled eyes for fashion – may deserve the attention, many do not.”

For Plus-Size Men (On The Runway)
“Men who fit into the size range offered by most brands have Mr. Porter, and GQ to look to for style inspiration. But where can plus-sized fashion-focused gentlemen go?, a Web site founded by Bruce Sturgell in 2011. Mr. Sturgell said he saw few fashion platforms that catered to a more plump crowd. So he started Chubstr, an online style guide for men whose appreciation for fashion is as large as their waist size.”