Modernism in Milan, China cracks down, Cucinelli’s positivity, French Vanity Fair, Queen of Punk

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2013 | Source: Nowfashion

Minimalist Matters (IHT)
“Jil Sander is the archetypal figure to have reinterpreted mid-century Modernism. Her fashion life has been dedicated to streamlining style and to recognizing the dynamic place of women in society. But where should the designer take that vision now that she has returned to her own label after eight years and a series of stop-go comebacks?”

China’s corruption crackdown takes shine off luxury boom (Reuters)
“Luxury brands banking on a China rebound to boost sales may be in for an unpleasant surprise: weak demand in the world’s second largest luxury market may last longer than the economic slowdown as Beijing cracks down on conspicuous consumption.”

Cucinelli ‘Very Positive’ as He Confirms 2012 Revenue Guidance (Bloomberg)
Brunello Cucinelli, founder of the namesake cashmere clothier, confirmed his company’s guidance for 2012 revenue growth, saying concerns of slowing luxury sales were overstated for brands catering to the very wealthiest shoppers. Cucinelli and other so-called absolute luxury companies will grow more than 10 percent this year, buoyed by demand from Asian and Latin American consumers…”

A Vanity Fair for France Puts Timing in Question (NY Times)
“For several years, media executives in Paris have been buzzing about the expected introduction of a French version of Vanity Fair magazine. Now that the publisher of Vanity Fair, Condé Nast, has announced plans to start the French edition, however, they are asking why the company decided to disclose its intentions now…”

Vivienne Westwood talks punk (The Independent)
Vivienne Westwood looks nothing short of magnificent striding across the rooftop of her south London studio in sheer point d’esprit tights, laddered to the point of barely being there, worn over striped, cotton boxer shorts.”