Paris’ new generation, The Invisible man, Rocket Internet, China’s new consumer, Mei Lim Cooper

Veronique Branquinho and Cédric Charlier Spring/Summer 2013 | Source:

Sense and Sensibility (IHT)
“A new generation has grown up in Paris, without the bright, white light turned on those who are promoted — and then often deflated — by the big brands. Sense and sensibility are the key words for these creative souls who prefer to offer the wearable and affordable collections that resonate with women. They are for a world where wardrobes and lifestyles demand a reality check.”

Fashion embraces Yoox’s online model (FT)
“When the fashion hordes move on to the Paris show on Wednesday, they will be joined by a figure who is both ubiquitous yet, by the standards of the ego-driven industry, barely visible. Federico Marchetti is chief executive of Yoox Group, the Italian technology company that has become one of the most powerful behind-the-scenes players in the world of on-line luxury.”

JP Morgan Invests In Another Rocket Internet Fashion Site (TechCrunch)
“Less than a month after reportedly sinking $40-80 million into Lamoda, Rocket Internet’s ‘Russian Zappos’, JP Morgan is investing once again in the Samwer brothers and their vision for a global e-commerce operation: the latest is Zalora, Rocket Internet’s fashion site based in Singapore and operating across seven countries in South East Asia.”

China’s new consumers become more emotional (Reuters)
“China’s emerging consumer class is more emotional than previous generations of shoppers and firms must shift their marketing strategies to keep pace with the nation’s new standard setters… More self-indulgent, individualistic and brand loyal than before, China’s mainstream consumer class will comprise 400 million people with incomes above 106,000 yuan ($16,800) by 2020.”

Rise: Mei Lim Cooper (Dazed Digital)
“Transforming traditional knitwear into intriguing forms, Mei Lim Cooper takes a complex design road that yields distinctive and covetable clothing. Clean silhouettes are revealed as more than they seem upon closer inspection; the result of technical pattern cutting and an imaginative thought process”