Chinese artisans, Gucci may join Yoox JV, Dior Homme, Impossible Wardrobe, Casely-Hayford

Raphaël le Masne de Chermont, Executive Chairman of Shanghai Tang | Source: Asia Tatler

The luxury that dare not speak its name (FT)
“But China is no longer just the sweatshop of the world that churns out cheap T-shirts and jeans. The high costs in Europe have meant that many artisans have moved to China, while local manufacturers have also benefited from a transfer of knowledge that has taken place since the country became an outsourcing centre more than three decades ago.”

PPR May Include Gucci in Luxury E-Commerce Venture With Yoox (BusinessWeek)
“PPR may eventually include the Gucci brand in its e-commerce luxury venture with Yoox as it seeks to get online sales of more than 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) by 2020, Managing Director Jean-Francois Palus said.”

Mencyclopaedia: Dior Homme (Telegraph)
“Dior Homme, you see, is the high temple of international masculine tightness. Pleated pants are the last thing you expect to see sold by a brand so instrumental in introducing the super-skinny silhouette now adopted by men around the world.”

Tilda Swinton Enlivens Fashion History (Interview)
“The laws of museum preservation are sacred. Once stored, pieces may never again be touched by human hands—let alone worn. Reflecting upon this quandary, the Musée Galliera’s curator Olivier Saillard devised The Impossible Wardrobe, a performance piece that has breathed new life into some of the Galliera’s most precious acquisitions.”

Casely Hayford Father & Son Profile (Crane TV)
“Joe Casely-Hayford can boast a rich fashion career including designing stage clothing for bands such as The Clash and U2, three years as Creative Director of Gieves & Hawkes and an OBE for his contributions to the fashion industry.”

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  1. Since all artesan luxury brands are rooted in their special skills in production, a good measure of their innovative power and creativity is linked to the place of production. Keeping design and branding departements geograhically seperated may work for a time but finally the one who is producing develops new skills and will be become a brand. The EU and US luxury industry is well adviced to invest in their production plants and personell. Sending pencil scetches from Paris based design studios to China will not work in long terms. Their is now way to outsource learning and developing new skills.