Fun entrepreneur, Sustainable fashion, Cross cultural brands, Zegna bumps, Millennials curate

Henry Holland | Source: Sky Living

Why Henry Holland is more than a figure of fashion fun (Independent)
“Holland has been making people talk since 2006. It was at London Fashion Week that the public first saw his slogan T-shirts, when designers Gareth Pugh and Giles Deacon took their post-show bows, each wearing a Holland design in homage to the other. ‘Get yer freak on, Giles Deacon,’ read Pugh’s. ‘UHU, Gareth Pugh,’ said Deacon’s in return.”

Designers, brands take steps toward sustainable fashion (LA Times)
“But a clutch of designers, some of them high-end, are pursuing a different tack. They’re producing clothing and accessories that are biodegradable — or at the very least, have parts that are capable of decomposing into natural substances. The movement is still in its infancy, but it’s an important development in an industry that’s increasingly scrutinized for its wastefulness.”

Growing Brands Across Cultures (NY Times)
“There was also the issue of how to raise the profile of a brand in a region where many people were still unfamiliar with the brand. Many people assumed we were acting prematurely in setting up business in Asia.”

Ermenegildo Zegna expects a bumpy ride (FT)
“Mr Zegna says the men’s luxury fashion house expects revenue growth of slightly above 10 per cent this year, even as he warns that the Chinese market will grow more slowly than it has over the past decade.”

Cash-strapped millennials curate style via social media (CNN)
“Technology and social networking distinguish Jasper and her peers from previous generations of shoppers in the eyes of brands, retailers and market researchers. By creating personalized shopping experiences around themselves, millennials are upending the traditional consumer-brand hierarchy, leaving brands and retailers scrambling to reclaim their influence.”