Mellon moves, Holt Renfrew’s new chain, Cowboy to couture, Wool at the top, Antoine Arnault

Tamara Mellon by Denny Chitis | Source: NY Times

Tamara Mellon’s Next Step (NY Times)
“Last November, when Tamara Mellon suddenly left Jimmy Choo, the shoe company she helped build into a global juggernaut, taking with her a reported payout of roughly $135 million, she did so without much explanation. The only thing close to an official statement was a message, sent out to her roughly 12,000 followers on Twitter, thanking them for their support and signing off with, ‘I will keep you posted.’”

Holt’s makes its pitch for cost-conscious shoppers (Globe and Mail)
“Amid stiffer foreign retail competition, luxury purveyor Holt Renfrew & Co.will launch a new chain early next year called hr2 in a bid to broaden its customer base by offering discount designer lines. On Monday, the country’s premier upscale merchant will unveil hr2, borrowing from the playbook of premium U.S. retailers, including Nordstrom Inc., that have benefited from drawing budget-conscious – and often younger – shoppers to their discount chains.”

From cowboy to couture (FT)
“Every month Scott Morrison makes about 30 pairs of jeans in front of his customers at his store, 3×1, in SoHo, New York. Called Bespoke, each pair costs upwards of $1,200 and takes up to six and a half hours to perfect. Once a pattern exists, however, subsequent jeans – aka ‘Custom Made’ – can be tailored for between $525 and $775.”

Wool Gets a Chance at the Top (NY Times)
“When Chanel announced this month that it was taking over a cashmere mill in the Scottish border town of Hawick, it was more than a story of a luxury company riding in shining armor to the rescue. In buying Barrie, the knitwear company that filed for bankruptcy, the French couture house was putting knitting up there with other noble crafts.”

Antoine Arnault: prince of luxury (Guardian)
“Antoine started in the advertising department at Louis Vuitton and worked his way up to head of communications before becoming CEO at Berluti. He’s also on the board of LVMH. Although the pair have three much younger siblings, at the moment it looks likely that one of them will become Bernard’s heir apparent.”