Fast fashion fatigue, Hermès forecasts, Yoox results, Mideast online promise, Westwood’s passion

Undercover for Uniqlo Autumn/Winter 2012 | Source: Hypebeast

Gap Gains With Zara Responding to Fast-Fashion Fatigue (BusinessWeek)
“Call it fast-fashion fatigue. Millennials, after years of settling for apparel retailers’ downgraded fabrics and workmanship, are pushing for higher- quality clothing again, and chains are getting the message. Gap Inc., the biggest U.S. specialty-apparel retailer, and Fast Retailing Co. Uniqlo are able to charge more for better basics.”

Hermès lifts forecasts, sees no slowdown (Reuters)
“French luxury goods maker Hermès raised its full-year sales outlook on Thursday as it posted a 15.7 percent increase in revenue at constant currencies for the third quarter.”

Online fashion retailer Yoox bucks economic slowdown (Reuters)
“Online fashion retailer Yoox is expecting higher sales and profitability by the end of this year after an improved domestic market helped boost profits in the third-quarter.”

After Many Slip-Ups, Mideast E-Commerce Gains Its Footing (NY Times)
“The demise of other promising, local sites, including Joob, Nahel, Mizado and Jamalon, in the months preceding the abrupt closure of LivingSocial’s regional operations suggested that e-commerce business models in the Gulf were not working. But success stories are now starting to emerge from a handful of e-commerce sites that are figuring out how to run an online business in the area.”

Vivienne Westwood: I’d like to keep on living to see what happens with climate change (Telegraph)
“She’s very brave, Vivienne. She could have worn her sacque-back Watteau dress, and looked mind-bendingly lovely, instead of a penny-for-the-guy outfit. I have to say that joining the climate revolution is not one of my overweening desires but of all Westwood’s hobby horses this is currently her best beloved.”