Prince of prints, Brazil fashion rising, Embracing Africa, 3D photo booth, Emblematic Vuitton

Peter Dundas | Source: Nano Press

Why Peter Dundas is Pucci’s prince of prints (The National)
“The last thing you expect Peter Dundas to be is the fashion guy. From his sheer physical presence, he’s a car man maybe, a surfer or a quarterback – the sort of guy who rides a motorbike that roars like a chainsaw. What he is, is in fact “the prince of prints” – the creative director of Pucci, the Italian luxury label.”

How Brazil’s homegrown fashion grew up (Guardian)
“Just a few years ago, Brazil’s only famous fashion exports were bikinis, Havaianas and Victoria’s Secret models. Now, established brands such as Osklen, Issa, Carlos Miele, Pedro LourençoAlexandre Herchcovitch and Lucas Nascimento sell internationally, and at home a diverse camp of designers is proving that Brazilian fashion has grown up.”

Luxury industry takes its time to embrace Africa (Reuters)
“Africa has more millionaires than Russia, but for many wealthy Africans shopping for designer handbags or luxury watches still means travelling to New York or Europe. Even as luxury goods companies have ventured into unconventional markets such as Mongolia, A frica has been seen as a source of inspiration for their designs rather than of big-spending customers.”

Fashion and the 3D Photobooth (Dazed Digital)
“We’ve come a long way in producing printed impressions of our fashionable selves- from the daguerreotype to purikura machines. This week in Tokyo, Japan’s first 3D photo booth will give people a chance have their entire bodies scanned and made into 3D-printed figurines using rapid prototyping technology.”

Mencyclopaedia: Louis Vuitton (Telegraph)
“The overlapped LV of Louis Vuitton’s monogram logo is the emblem of a recession-busting phenomenon: the ‘luxury industry’. Status-hungry consumers around the world can’t get enough of Louis Vuitton.”