Rosso invests in Marni, Lafayette eyes Printemps, Flickr hopes, Suzanne Belperron, Casting agents

Diesel boss to take over Italy fashion house Marni (Reuters)
“Diesel jeans brand founder Renzo Rosso is poised to take over Italy’s Marni to relaunch the bohemian-chic fashion house on foreign markets, the company said. The all-Italian acquisition is a rare case in a luxury industry where most deals are made in France and Asia, and confirms Rosso as a dynamic fashion entrepreneur in Italy.”

Galeries Lafayette To Purchase Printemps? (Vogue UK)
“French department store Galeries Lafayette could be preparing to buy out rival retailer Printemps, according to reports this morning. The two fashion giants both have huge flagship stores in Paris.”

Flickr Has the Opportunity to Become the Next Flickr  (NY Times)
“It’s quite amazing to think that Flickr, once one of the best photocentric social sites, was purchased by Yahoo in 2005 for, wait for this, around $30 million. (No, that’s not a typo, people used to buy start-ups for million of dollars, not billions.)”

Modern, Before the World Was (NY Times)
“The Paris jeweler Suzanne Belperron began working in 1919 at age 19, and continued without stopping for the next 56 years. She died in 1983. Her life and career spanned the modern movement in the arts, feminism and the emergence of fashion as a big business. Yet anyone looking at the work of this remarkable woman can’t help but feel she was interested only in her own ideas.”

The Story Behind Model Casting with Noah Shelley & Angus Munro (AnOther)
“From an ethereal Anna Martynova opening Rick Owens, to the pairing of Ruby Jean Wilson and Nastya Kusakina at Louis Vuitton, the casting of a fashion show is integral to its success. Noah Shelley and Angus Munro of AM Casting are two of the most influential casting agents in the business.”

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  1. Marni’s new backer Rosso is a quite polarizing figure; talking non-stop about himself and his wealth, even while reminding listeners of his great ‘humility’

    But his deep pockets do mean something, and with the Diesel brand seriously stumbling, and Viktor & Rolf and Margiela investments not panning out (the commercial failure of the Margiela H&M collection and L’Oreal soon to drop Margiela fragrances really hurt), its now no surprise Rosso is betting on new labels to attempt to provide his group some growth

    Rosso stated in 2010 he’d double his sales in 5-years, while in fact during the period they’ve been shrinking. Surely he’s hoping Marni will help turn the tide

    MBen from Verona, Veneto, Italy