Week in Review | Getting Into The Gloss, Three Dimensional Publication, Re-inventing Yourself

Week in Review November 26-30

The Business of Blogging | Into The Gloss (Fashion 2.0)
“It’s the natural curiosity behind this approach, alongside the site’s impeccably professional aesthetics, that have made Into The Gloss one of the most compelling new voices in the fashion and beauty blogosphere with the potential to grow into a full-fledged media business for the digital age.”

Retail Recon | Table of Contents is a ‘Three-Dimensional Publication’ (Insight & Analysis)
“When BoF visited Table of Contents, on a rainy Saturday, the store was calm and filled with a carefully edited array of fashion, accessories, furniture, rare books and design objects, mostly made by niche brands and artfully placed around the self-designed, 1350-square-foot space.”

Finding Your M.O. | Part 12: Re-inventing Yourself (Education)
Moda Operandi (M’O) is less than two years old. But we recently announced a major shift in strategy. In addition to our original pre-order model (pre-order clothes today that will be delivered next season), we are launching in-season e-commerce (buy clothes today that will be delivered immediately) for which we will be buying and holding inventory just like a traditional retailer.”

The Queen of Clean (WSJ)
“Sander is one of the few who has managed to return to her namesake company—not just once, but twice. “The first time I left was difficult,” Sander admits. “But it was even more sad the second time. I sold my shares and cut completely.” In her new setup, as creative director, Sander is an employee of a publicly traded company: She doesn’t own any shares; she does not sit on the board; if she doesn’t make the numbers, she could be replaced as swiftly as Simons was.”

Net-a-Porter CEO: It’s no secret we’re launching a major fashion magazine (Wired)
“Online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter is planning to launch a printed magazine within the next 12 months, according to CEO Mark Sebba, speaking at the Business Leaders Network’s Making it Mobile event.”

Stella McCartney named designer of the year (FT)
Stella McCartney has won the coveted designer of the year award at the British Fashion Awards 2013, the latest in a series of personal and professional coups for the designer and her brand.”

In a Click, a Vivid Fashion Garden (IHT)
“The effects of this digital age seem to reverberate beyond computers and smartphones… In the fashion world, it may take a sophisticated designer to work those patterns of burning bright blooms into something stylish and wearable, yet the actual process is just another computer click. The floral effects are rarely just sketched, more probably manipulated. The British designer Mary Katrantzou is an example of a designer whose computer skills have created a new genre of fashion prints.”