Smart designs, Reclaiming distribution, Peacocks on parade, Missoni missing, David Bailey

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 1999 | Source: FT

Smart designs (FT) 
“Though at this time of year it can seem as if advances in “heat-sensing/retaining/wicking” are the breaking news of the fashion world – as an exhibition at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York illustrates – fashion and technology have, in fact, been intertwined for more than two centuries.”

Luxury brands put own hands on deck (South China Morning Post)
“Luxury brands are increasingly reclaiming distribution rights from their mainland agents to assert tighter control of sales channels and better meet the growing sophistication of shoppers in the world’s biggest luxury market.”

Peacocks on Parade (FT)
“Ask most men if they favour ‘fashion’ or ‘style’, and a sizeable majority would steer sharply to the latter. It’s almost as if men wished fashion would just go away. And yet menswear carries on regardless.”

Fashion Boss From Italy Lost in Flight Off Venezuela (NY Times) 
“A small plane carrying four Italian tourists, including the head of the Missoni fashion business, disappeared off the coast of Venezuela on Friday morning, prompting a sea and air search that continued Saturday.”

Q&A: David Bailey (Guardian) 
“David Bailey was born in 1938 in east London and left school at 15 with no qualifications. He learned to use a camera while on national service, and rose to fame in the early 1960s with his photographs of the model Jean Shrimpton for British Vogue.”