Manhattan’s fashion hub, Hugo Boss confident, Digitising retail, Men’s in NY, Set maestros

Garment District, New York by Benjamin Chasteen | Source: The Epoch Times

Garment District, New York by Michael Katzif | Source: NPR

New York’s Grimy Garment District Hatches Designers’ Dreams (NPR)
“A recent survey found that 47 percent of New York’s designers say they have their samples — prototypes of what you eventually see in stores — made in the Garment District. According to a 2012 report published by the Design Trust for Public Space, apparel production is the largest manufacturing division in New York City. It provides 24,000 jobs citywide with about 7,100 of those jobs centered in the Garment District. Within the district alone, those jobs generate $2.1 billion of economic output.”

Hugo Boss says will grow faster than market in 2013 (Reuters)
“German fashion house Hugo Boss said it was confident of posting stronger growth than the luxury market in 2013 as it reported annual results at the top end of expectations.”

Will Software Eliminate Physical Retail? Not Quite. (Linkedin)
“Software will not replace all offline retail, but will be used instead to transform certain offline retail experiences. Software can bring more customers to the stores, increase conversion in the store, reduce overall costs for the retailer via better analytics on supply and demand, and — for the customer — create a radically better real life shopping experience.”

Officials mull dapper new Fashion Week for guys (Crain‘s)
“Step aside, ladies. It’s the gentlemen’s turn on the catwalk. A separate men’s New York fashion week could be in the works. The Council of Fashion Designers of America is in talks with event production company Advanstar Fashion Group and several menswear designers to put on its own series of shows highlighting male couture.”

The Joy of Sets (Dazed Digital)
“Of course, it was the internet that changed everything; YouTube and livestreaming now allow a virtual front-row seat for millions of people watching at home, placing a greater importance on the show as theatre.”