Thom Browne’s moment, Virtual NYFW, Gap’s comeback, Fashion circus, Twitter trolls

Thom Browne by Dylan Don | Source: The Talks

Being Thom Browne: His Moment Is Now (NY Times)
“‘Other designers get cross-pollinated a lot,’ Michael Hainey, deputy editor of GQ, said in discussing Mr. Browne. ‘You know, suddenly everyone’s showing orange this season because that designer’s fabric person is researching the same fabric as three other people. Thom stands apart. He’s always stood apart.’ He is a game-changer, Mr. Hainey added, a designer whose aesthetic, like those of Coco Chanel or Alexander McQueen, is skewed so singularly that it takes some time for a viewer’s eye to adjust.”

From the Virtual Front Row (IHT)
“With the blizzard blowing away my hopes of getting to New York for the early Fashion Week shows, I did what so many other fashion aficionados now do: I picked up my iPad and watched the shows streaming live online… This first view of the winter 2013 collections had some upbeat moments. But I still felt uneasy about the difficulty of analyzing fabrics, recognizing true colors and allowing my own eyes to follow the pieces that interested me.”

At Gap, Sales Gains Are Back in Style (WSJ)
“After struggling for years to get sales moving, Gap Inc. is retaking lost ground… The apparel retailer posted an 8% increase in sales for January, excluding newly opened stores, and completed the 12 months ended Feb. 2 with $15.7 billion in net sales, up 6.4% from $14.7 billion a year earlier. Over the past year, the company’s shares are up nearly 50%.”

The Circus of Fashio(T Magazine)
“The fuss around the shows now seems as important as what goes on inside the carefully guarded tents. It is as difficult to get in as it always was, when passionate fashion devotees used to appear stealthily from every corner hoping to sneak in to a Jean Paul Gaultier collection in the 1980s. But the difference is that now the action is outside the show”

How Twitter Trolls Took Over Fashion Week (BuzzFeed)
“Rebecca Minkoff’s 2013 Fall/Winter collection is full of gorgeous clothes with vivid colors and bold prints. The runway show yesterday at New York Fashion Week had a giant screen that showed a livestream of tweets using hashtag #RMFall. The idea was for fashion lovers watching a livestream of the show online to interact with the live show. But when you run an unfiltered livestream of the internet on a 30-foot screen, you never know what you’re going to get.”