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Scott Schuman and Garance Dore | Photo: Jason Travis

NEW YORK, United States — The Business of Blogging has long been an important theme on BoF. While many in the mainstream media have treated bloggers as nothing more than a novelty or a passing fad, we have prided ourselves on selecting and sitting down with the industry’s most influential bloggers to learn about how they are attracting audiences and monetising their craft. And from our very first interview with the inimitable Susie Bubble, we have demonstrated that for some influential voices, blogging is a serious business indeed and that there are numerous ways to monetise a fashion blog.

Back in 2005, long before the social media revolution swept through the fashion industry, an enterprising fashion enthusiast named Scott Schuman began sharing his photos on a blog simply called The Sartorialist, having noticed the success of Design Sponge, a blog from outside the fashion sector that served as inspiration. Of course, Mr Schuman could not have known he was about to spark the emergence of a now-widespread phenomenon known as ‘street style,’ which has since become an integral part of the fashion week experience.

Today, Mr Schuman is a successfully published photographer, having sold more than 100,000 copies of his debut book, and operates what can best be described as a niche media company generating books, events, product collaborations and, of course, The Sartorialist website itself. As if to underscore his longevity, he remains the number one blogger in the regular Style 99 fashion blogger rankings, despite all of the also-rans nipping at his heels.

But the story doesn’t end there. That would be too easy.

A few years later in 2008, Mr Schuman met Garance Doré for the first time, in Paris. She was already experimenting with blogging by sharing her illustrations online and the two became fast friends. Schuman instantly saw Ms Doré’s potential and encouraged her to stretch herself beyond her comfort zone and begin to shoot photos. As it turns out, Schuman made a wise bet and the divine Ms Doré soon evolved into one of the industry’s most authoritative (and internationally respected) bloggers, with a unique point of view of her own. She makes a living from a mixture of advertising revenue and brand collaborations, and has lately placed a strong emphasis on video content, for which she was tapped by luxury and sportswear conglomerate PPR to create a series of short films explaining the group’s rebranding as Kering, which will take effect in June.

Today, Schuman and Doré are partners in life, as well as partners in business. Having been jointly awarded the CFDA’s Eugenia Sheppard Media Award, last year, they have also earned the respect of an industry that has now embraced them — and fashion blogging at large.

So, in the closing days of our campaign for the People’s Voice Webby Award, we salute all of our blogging brethren, from the original fashion bloggers Diane Pernet and Susie Bubble, to the latest names to rise to the top, Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss and Leandra Medine, a.k.a The Man Repeller. They are our latest examples of how fashion means business.

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  1. They’re exceptional talents, I get inspired by them every day!

    Marta Pozzan from Los Angeles, CA, United States
  2. I am not familiar with Ms. Dore’s work, but I have enjoyed The Sartorialist since the days when it was published on Blogspot way back when. I’m glad to see that Mr. Schuman get the recognition he so richly deserves!

    David Kaiser, PhD
    Executive Coach

    David Kaiser from Clarksburg, WV, United States
  3. two powerhouses in fashion each with their own style!

    bella from Miami, FL, United States
  4. Correct me if iam wrong was it not Japanese that initiated the whole idea of street fashion and the Sartorialist has given it a global platform.
    narendra kumar

    narendra kumar from Ireland
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Scott Schuman leave his wife and child for Garance Dore?

    What an arrogant and talentless little fellow he is.

    Anderson Smithson from Brooklyn, NY, United States
  6. cool baby coolll

    fashion news from Islamabad, Islāmābād, Pakistan
  7. Don’t forget Ms. Dore’s papa is the president of the French Fashion Institute. That also could help boost her connections, I presume.

    Webbyz from Shanghai, Shanghai, China